AC Coolant Recharging in Regina

If you switch your AC on for the year, only to find that your system is sluggish or is not pumping out cool air, there may be a problem with your systems coolant charge levels. Your coolant levels can effect how your system runs and whether the air coming out of your system is cooling off effectively.

If you feel that you may need coolant recharging in Regina, contact the team at AYON today. We can help you keep your home comfortable all Summer long.

AC Coolant Recharging in Regina

While it shouldn’t happen too often over your AC’s lifetime, there may be situations that allow the coolant levels in your system to leak or disperse. The coolant plays a large part in helping to keep the air in your home comfortable and when the levels in your AC system are low, this can cause your system to blow hot, or stop working altogether.

If your system constantly seems to be losing its charge, there may be bigger problems involved. You may have leaks within your system and recharging your system without fixing the leaks will seem like a never ending battle.

If your AC system is blowing hot, freezing over, or it has stopped working altogether, you will want to contact the team at AYON Heating and Cooling. We offer AC coolant recharging in Regina.

Home AC Coolant Recharging Services

It is important to have a cooling professional take care of your coolant recharging. A professional will know which type of coolant is right for your system and will understand what level your system should be charged too. Trying to charge your system yourself could lead to you damaging your system, possibly voiding your warranty and costing you additional money.

A professional can also check your system using many different diagnostic tools to make sure you have no leaks.

AYON Heating and Cooling professionals have the skills and knowledge to charge your system so that you can once again be comfortable in your home.

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