Furnace Blower Fan Repair in Regina, SK

Furnace Repair in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan

There is nothing worse than turning your furnace on only to find it won’t work. There are many parts to a furnace, therefore troubleshooting the issue can be difficult. One part of your furnace that will cause the whole system to stop working if it is broken is the furnace blower fan.

AYON Heating & Air Conditioning can help you get your furnace back up and running, if you need furnace blower fan repair, contact our team of experts today.

How Does a Furnace Blower Fan Work?

The furnace blower does a lot of the work when it comes to moving warm air through your home. When the blower is not working correctly you may find that very little warm air is coming through your vents. Furnace blower fans can wear out with age and overuse, they may also wear out if they are not lubricated and maintained correctly.

Because the blower motor in your furnace is hard wired to your house, it is important to have an experienced heating repair technician work on your furnace.

Furnace Blower Fan Repair in Regina

There are a few reasons the furnace blower fan may not be working to heat your house. One thing you can do before you call a heating expert is to make sure your furnace door is shut, if your furnace door has come open the furnace will not kick on. Once you have checked this and your furnace is still not working then it may be likely you need furnace blower fan repair. Here are some issues that may cause your furnace blower fan to stop working.

  • A worn, torn or cracked belt will cause your blower fan to work incorrectly or not at all.
  • If you feel the blower motor only to realize it is very hot, this could be due to the fact that the motor is overheating. In this case, it is likely replacement will be necessary.
  • Hearing a weird humming noise can indicate a problem with the capacitor or motor.
  • Your blower fan motor may have seized up due to a build up of grime and debris.

If your furnace will not turn on, is making a weird humming noise or you notice a lack of hot air blowing through your vents, contact AYON for furnace blower fan repair.

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