Furnace Ignitor Repair in Regina, SK

Furnace Repair in Regina & Southern Saskatchewan

There is nothing worse than going to turn your furnace on when you are freezing cold, only to find it won’t switch on at all. If your gas furnace will not start up at all it could be due to a faulty or broken ignitor switch.

AYON Heating and Air Conditioning can help diagnose your gas furnace and perform furnace ignitor repair if needed. If you have a question you can text or call our friendly staff, we are happy to help you with all of your heating needs.

How Furnace Ignitors Work

Your furnace ignitor is an important piece of your furnace and if it is broken or faulty it is likely your furnace will not start up at all. The ignitors purpose is to light the gas for your pilot light, this should happen automatically.

Ignitors can work by two methods:

  • Spark Ignition – A high voltage is supplied to the furnace control board, this causes a spark which ignites the gas.
  •  Surface Ignition – This is a common form of ignition in high-efficiency models.  The furnace control will supply power to the ignitor this then heats the ignitor till it is glowing red which then turns on the gas.

Furnace Ignitor Repair in Regina 

There are a few things that can go wrong with your furnace ignitor, and it is always important to have an expert complete repairs due to safety hazards.

  • Spark ignitors can have cracks form in the ceramic base, this can cause a defective ignitor.
  • Your spark ignitor may get a deposit buildup which will stop the sensor from working correctly.
  • Surface Ignition systems can also get cracks in the ignitor, this will stop the system from heating up.

Even though these issues can seem like small problems, they can be enough to stop your system from igniting, meaning you cannot get heat into your home. If you feel that you may need furnace ignitor repair, contact the certified technicians at AYON Heating & Air Conditioning.

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If your furnace has stopped working all together and your pilot light is out, you may need furnace ignitor repair. The team at AYON is trained to diagnose and repair problems with your gas furnace system. Our team offers the highest quality work in the area, alongside affordable pricing. We can help get your furnace up and running again so that your house remains comfortable all winter long.

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