Furnace Replacement in Regina, SK

If you have a furnace that is over 10 years old, you may want to look at furnace replacement in Regina, SK. A furnaces average life span is between 15-20 years, however new technology has seen great changes in the past 10 years, making new furnaces more efficient than older models.

AYON Heating and Air Conditioning provide furnace replacement services to Regina and surrounding areas. No matter what type of furnace you are replacing, whether it be natural gas, electric, or propane, we can help you with all of your furnace replacement needs. Here at AYON we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and workmanship. Our owner Scott Gemmell started AYON after seeing an inconsistency in these areas in the heating and cooling business. If you are in need of furnace replacement, contact AYON today.

Why Choose AYON Heating and Air Conditioning?

If your furnace is starting to reach the end of its lifespan, you may notice a change in temperature in your home, you may also notice that your energy bills have been on the incline over the past few years. AYON can help you replace your current furnace with an energy efficient model, that is suited for your homes specific needs. Here are just a few of the reasons AYON is different to other heating and cooling businesses in the area;

  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with our services.
  • Affordable services are important to us and we offer competitive pricing on all of our services.
  • If you are having complications with your heating and cooling, we offer same day service. No need to wait for days in an uncomfortable home.
  • We also offer 24 hour emergency service, we want to be there when you need us most.
  • On our website you can find coupons for many different services, these coupons can help you save even more on our already affordable prices.

AYON will come to your home, assess your heating needs, and offer you the best options for your home and budget.

How to Know It is Time for Furnace Replacement

Whether your furnace is 10 or 15 years old there are some signs you can look for, when it comes to furnace replacement;

  • Your home feels cooler than the temperature the thermostat is reading.
  • There are hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  • There has been a sharp increase in energy costs.
  • Your furnace can not keep up with the cold winter temperatures.
  • You can hear banging, popping, and clanking sounds.
  • The repair mans number is on speed dial and you find yourself spending too much money on repairs.

These are just a few indications that it may be time to replace your furnace. If you feel that your furnace is no longer working efficiently, contact us today at AYON. We can help you will all of your furnace replacement, repair, and maintenance needs.

Call Us Today for Furnace Replacement in Regina, SK.

Contact us today at AYON at (306) 525-8685 (306) 525-8685. If you have a quick query or question you can also text us at 639-571-9092 639-571-9092, we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Get in touch with us today and find out how our focus on quality customer service makes all the difference when it comes all of your heating and cooling needs.