Garage Heaters in Regina

Living in Regina often means that we have to deal with below freezing temperatures, this may mean that parts of the home become unbearable to spend time in. Your garage is likely one part of your home that becomes unbearable throughout the colder months. If you enjoy working in your garage, or you would like the space to be comfortable when having to come in and out, a garage heater can be a great solution.

AYON Heating and Air Conditioning understand that keeping your home warm is important in our climate, we can help you install a garage heater, so that you can use this valuable space in your home all year round.

If you are looking to keep your garage warm and toasty, contact us today at AYON Heating and Air Conditioning.

Installing Garage Heaters in Regina

There are two main types of garage heaters that can be used to heat your garage.

  • Convection Garage Heater – The convection garage heater works by moving air past a heating element. The air is then warmed and sent back into the space. These heaters work much like the furnace in your home and are great for enclosed spaces like a garage.
  • Radiant Garage Heaters – These heaters work by radiating heat outwards from a main heating element, the element may be infrared or a tube heater. These heaters work best if you are just looking to heat a small space within your garage, rather than the whole garage.

Choosing which heater to place in your garage will depend on your individual needs, if you are unsure what the best method of heating your garage will be, or you would like to have a garage heater installed, contact the experts at AYON Heating and Air Conditioning today.

Keep Your Garage Warm with A Garage Heater

If you like to work in your garage, would like your garage to stay warm during the winter months, or you are interested in how garage heaters work, the heating and cooling specialists at AYON can help. Here are some reasons you may want to consider contacting AYON for all of your heating and cooling needs:

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we want our customers to be fully satisfied with all services we offer.
  • Our heating and cooling specialists are knowledgeable and understand that providing excellent customer service is important.
  • We pride ourselves on offering reasonable prices alongside a high level of quality workmanship.
  • We offer same day service so that you don’t have to live in an uncomfortable home.
  • We understand emergencies can arise and that is why we offer 24 hour emergency service at reasonable prices
  • We will communicate with you and keep you informed, letting you know what is going on throughout the whole process.

Our staff believes in offering high quality workmanship, excellent communication, and reasonable prices, no matter what the job is.

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