Gas Furnace Replacement in Regina, SK

Winters in the Regina area can be harsh, making it important to have sufficient heating throughout your home. If your furnace did not work effectively to heat your home last winter, it may be time to consider replacing your furnace.

The team at AYON Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with your gas furnace replacement, contact us today and make sure your home is comfortable this coming winter season.

Gas Furnace Replacement Signs

An uncomfortable house is one of the main signs that your  current gas furnace can no longer keep up with your heating needs. If you are not sure whether it is time to replace your furnace, you may want to look for some of the following signs;

  • The age of your gas furnace can be a good indication of whether it needs to be replaced or not. For gas furnaces, a typical lifespan can range between 10-20 years old.
  • If your gas bills are on the rise  it may be that your gas furnace may not be able to heat your house as it once did. Consider the age of your system and how well it has been maintained.
  • If your furnace is making weird noises such as popping, banging, squealing, or thumping noises, this could signal it is reaching the end of its lifespan.
  • Accumulating repair costs are adding up and it may be more efficient and cost effective to replace the current furnace with a new energy efficient furnace.
  • If you have noticed more dust building up on your furniture, this can indicate that your furnace is getting old and can no longer moisturize the air in your home.
  • Your thermostat may be telling you one thing while your families comfort is telling you another.
  • Those living in your house are experiencing more allergies, asthma and respiratory infections. This can be a sign that your gas furnace can no longer clean the air coming into your home.

If you are not sure that it is time to replace your current furnace, contact our team today for a free inspection and quote.

Gas Furnace Replacement in Regina from AYON

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