Referral Program


Why should you participate in our referral program?

It’s simple we could all use an extra $100 in our pocket! It’s super easy to do and there is no limit to how many gifts you can receive.

What do I get for referring people to you?

You get one $100 Visa Gift Card if the person you refer purchases an HVAC appliance (Furnace and/or Air Conditioner). Wow!

How do I register for the referral program?

It’s easy to get started! Registration is done by contacting us. Click on the “contact us” link below to take you to our contact page. Fill in your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and send us the message “I want to take part in the Referral Program”. We will send a registration confirmation by e-mail and then send your referral cards in the mail.

How do I refer people to you?

There are three ways you can do this and they are all super easy:

1) Put your name on the referral cards we send you in the mail and hand them to everyone you know; OR
2) Call us at 639-571-9092 639-571-9092 and give us the contact information of the person you would like to refer; OR
3) Send us a message using our contact form. Please include your contact information and the information of the referral so you can claim your referral gift.

How is our referral program different from everyone else?

We place a great deal of value in your referral… and not only will you get our sincere thank you but you get cash in hand. We know your referral is not something that you take lightly, referring someone to us means that you trust us and what we do, and we appreciate that.