Who are We

Scott Gemmell is the owner, innovator, and knows-everything-hvac guy. He started this company in 2014 for one reason and one reason only……customer service. He has worked with homeowners for over 7 years and was shocked at the misconceptions people have about their heating and cooling equipment, how to maintain their equipment, and how to choose the right contractor for the job. Time and time again – he saw homeowners spend more money than they needed to have their equipment repaired due to lack of maintenance issues and have problems with brand new furnaces or air conditioners due to poor installation. His mission is to not only provide the BEST customer service in Regina’s heating and cooling industry – but also to EDUCATE homeowners to help them become informed and knowledgeable furnace and a/c owners. Therefore – saving you time, headaches and energy.

So What is With our Name?

We get asked this a lot. Ayon – it’s a weird name. It’s a weird name because it’s not really a word. It’s an invented word. It takes the word “above” and blends it with the word “beyond.” A…YON. This word 100% describes what we strive to do. Take our customer service and quality of work above and beyond in all areas of our company. And we guarantee it!

Personal Tid Bits

Scott Gemmell moved to Regina in 2013 from Medicine Hat, Alberta. He was “strongly encouraged” to move to Regina because his wife is originally from the Regina area. Since moving here, he has fallen in love with the beautiful parks and loves taking his two kids “exploring” in them. He has also been pulled into the “Rider Pride” and is now one of their HUGEST fans! He thinks Regina really is one of Canada’s “hidden” gems.