Whole House Dehumidifiers

Whole House Dehumidifiers in Regina

When your home’s humidity levels rise, you can quickly become uncomfortable–and even unhrealthy.  From condensation to feeling sticky and uncomfortable, high humidity levels can cause problems with the health of your home and those living inside the home.

Discomfort aside, high humidity can cause mold and mildew growth as well as warping and accelerated rotting of walls, furniture, and wood flooring–causing a slew of health and structural issues with your home. A whole house dehumidifier can help keep your home’s humidity levels in check, improving the health and safety of your home.

Contact the team at AYON today, we install whole home dehumidifiers to help you control your home’s humidity levels.

Why Use Whole Home Dehumidifiers?

There are some signs that you may have noticed around your home that will give you an idea that your home’s humidity levels may be too high, these signs can include;

  • Window, mirror, and glass condensation on the inside of your home.
  • There is a must smell is some of the rooms in your home.
  • In summer you constantly feel sticky.
  • You may have furniture that is warping or rotting.
  • There is mold and mildew build up along your walls and windows.
  • You have insects inside your home.

Alongside these home issues, high humidity can also cause health issues, these health issues can be serious and may even cause you to have to leave your home if not dealt with. High humidity levels in your home can cause;

  • Allergens or respiratory illness caused by mold and mildew.
  • Allergens caused by dust mite build up.
  • An increase in respiratory infections.

There is an ideal balance of moisture that your home needs to stay healthy, installing a whole home dehumidifier can help achieve this balance.

Whole Home Dehumidifiers

When you install whole home dehumidifiers in conjunction with your heating and cooling systems, you have the control over your home’s humidity levels, whether the heat and air are running or turned off. Your whole home’s humidity levels will be controlled so that your home is left feeling comfortable and the risk of health issues due to high humidity levels are decreased.

Whole house dehumidifiers are quiet and easy to take care of and will leave your home feeling comfortable no matter what the season.

Whole House Dehumidifier Installation in Regina

The team at AYON Heating and Air Conditioning can help you install a whole house dehumidifier in your home that will help you keep the moisture levels in your home comfortable. We will help you choose the right model that suits the needs of those living inside your home. Our qualified technicians will install the right solution for your home, taking the time to show you how to get the most from your new system. If you are looking for whole house dehumidifiers in the Regina, SK, area, contact our team today.

Our qualified technicians work hard to provide you with the highest level of workmanship while providing excellent customer service.

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